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February 09, 2006
That War

The "war on terror"...I mean, the "war against extremism"...I mean, the "long war"...well, whatever it is, it's underway.

Ignore the fact that the article obsesses over the naming for the first few paragraphs. Once you get through that, there's interesting stuff there.

I think they're right. We could probably have essentially wiped out al Quaeda if we'd kept fighting them, but there was no support in the White House for fighting actual terrorists. During the time we spent dismantling Iraq, they've been rebuilding and recruiting, so instead of making them weaker, it seems that we're empowering and inspiring them to new excesses. In the end, what we're facing is that a bad problem has been made horrendous.

Call me cycnical, but I think the Rightwingnuts want a decades-long war so that they can keep trumpeting themselves as the Party of Strong Defense. I think that's how they plan to stay in power.* (I mean, I'd like to think that there no way a sane Democratic Administration would continue to play by the neocons' terror-inspiring rules.)

Another take on the war on terror suggests that it's to provide a smoke-screen for dismantling democracy. (Note: I put a little spin on that.)

And, speaking of terror, it's good to finally figure out why there are so many people being held in Guantanamo. In fact, my inner fashion cop approves of imprisoning people for wearing olive drab in public. (Puh-lease. Do you actually want to be mistaken for a warmonger?)


* Although I'm seriously not ruling out ballot box shenanigans in various places.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:56 PM