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February 09, 2006
Blogging the moments

Today's "feminist" blogging moment has a message for us all.

(Bonus moment. Quick, someone tell me the last time a man was elected to head of a state and a prominent USofA media outlet referred to him as "sexy"? The first-screen headline forthis article was " Sexy Socialist: France’s First Female President?")

Today's "labor rights" blogging momen" comes with this headline: Proposed rule on air masks in coal mines killed in 2001, resurrected 2006

In 1999, MSHA proposed strengthening standards on breathing devices, including requiring mines to stock "caches'' of extra rescue devices and conduct more frequent hands-on training in how to use them. But by September 2001, the Bush administration withdrew the draft rule, citing "resource constraints and changing safety and health regulatory priorities."

David Lauriski, the former Bush mine safety official who put the rule aside, is having second thoughts. "In retrospect, maybe we ought to have had requirements for more caches'' of the breathing devices, he said Tuesday.

They leave me behind sometimes. They really do.

Today's "cynicism in politics" blogging moment comes from workers in LA expressing "skepticism" about Bush's new terror attack claims.

Today's "the globe is warming, dammit" blogging moment is, Swiss glaciers continue shrinking, report finds

Today's, "the economy is peachy" blogging moment comes courtesy of Oracle, who today announced 2,000 jobs being cut.

Today's "corporate fraud blogwatch" moment: AIG settles fraud charges for $1.64 bln. (I'm sure it's entirely coincidental that this massive fraud commenced under a corporate-worshipping neocon administrations.)

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