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February 13, 2006
Let me show you what I mean

Not happy yet, the Rightwing is pushing for more Rightwing judicial appointments.

Because taking the Supreme Court isn't enough, they want to stop some of that Democratic rot right where it starts...in the lower courts.

I think its certainly time to pick up the speed on these lower court now that we got the Supreme Court behind us, Cornyn said.

If I was the suspicious type, I'd be suspecting that they're suspecting that November '06 might be the end of their Congressional majority and they want to pack any Bench they can reach before then.

But some of the delay is understandable. (Not that the delay, let me make clear, is anything like the logjam Clinton faced.)

A thorny issue for Frist and Specter is what to do about William Myers, a nominee to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and Henry Saad, a nominee to the 6th. Fourteen centrist Republican and Democratic senators specifically excluded Myers and Saad from a deal not to filibuster judicial nominees except under extraordinary circumstances, the so-called Gang of 14 deal.

They could, of course, stop nominating out and out nutcases. But that may be too much to expect from the Administration that nominated Harriet Meiers to the Supreme Court.

Posted by AnneZook at 06:52 PM