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February 14, 2006

Maintenance note: A long-planned update to the blogroll.

Meaning no offense to those few blogs who were dropped, as my reading changes, I think it's right to change the blogroll to reflect where I spend my time. (I keep my bookmarks on three computers, so it depends on where I am which blogs I'm reading. If you know I read you and you're not showing up, please give me a nudge.)

Possibly this wasn't the best day to do this. I gave serious thought to de-listing any blog that had more than one blog entry on the topic of Cheney and the hunting accident.

If you guys have energy to spare, you might want to blog Haiti's contested election (remember our 'intervention'?), Darfur (still fighting, still starving, still dying, still facing Bush's indifference), Afghanistan (body counts rivaling Iraq's), Medicare (a dishonest and disastrous piece of Big Pharma-loving legislation), Bush Administration bullying of in-house critics, the Federal government slammed for lousy handling of the Katrina disaster, a proposed $7 billion dollar giveaway to oil companies, or the strong rumors that the USofA and Israel would like to 'starve' the new Palestinian government, while avoiding blame for destroying it, among the dozens of other stories that we should be discussing?

In the end, I remembered that I occasionally fall into Silly Season Blogging myself and I decided to exercise some restraint. I sure wish the rest of you would do the same.

This was never funny. A man was shot. Most of the jokes were in the worst possible taste.

Also? Baying like a pack of cartoon hounds at the heels of someone involved in a near-tragic accident? Is just so Republican. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:09 PM