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February 18, 2006
Hurricane Katrina

Chertoff says that Hurricane Katrina was just amazingly traumatic for him.

Well, then that's okay.

The House report _ titled "A Failure of Initiative" _ found ample fault with state and local officials, including delays in ordering early evacuations in New Orleans. But it also criticized President Bush for failing to get more deeply involved as the crisis unfolded.

In a sampling of 63 communications to the White House that the report documents, at least eight were dated before Katrina's Aug. 29 landfall. The documents show that presidential advisers were warned about potential disaster as early as Aug. 27.

"Earlier presidential involvement might have resulted in a more effective response," the inquiry concluded. The Associated Press obtained a copy of the report Tuesday.

They still don't get it, do they? Bush didn't care then and he doesn't care now. He just wishes everyone would shut up about it already.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:46 AM