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February 18, 2006
You're BAD

If you're one of the "worst judges in Texas" that's saying something.

It’s not a good time to be a Texas judge. President Bush’s nomination of Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals remained caught in the craw of the U.S. Senate for four long years, as her various shortcomings and the sorry state of the civil justice system in Texas were bandied about from The New York Times editorial page to the radio rants of Howard Stern. She wasn’t so much confirmed last spring as she was coughed out, like a bundle of mouse bones from the beak of a barn owl.

The Texas Observer has more.

And this isn't some partisan attack folks. This isn't about political affiliations, it's about crazy people sitting on the Bench.

A judge who uses sock puppets to talk to attorneys while in court?

And who consoles us, over a woman denied a restraining order against an abusive husband that, "if he kills her, you can put him away for murder"?

A judge who refuses defendants public defenders? Just...outright tells them, "no"?

Posted by AnneZook at 11:48 AM