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February 19, 2006
I'm Not So Smart

Sometimes, as I'm watchin' myself sitting here blogging away, posting opinions on foreign policy, international terrorism, economics, education, healthcare, or government corruption, I find me shaking my head and wondering. Where do all of these words come from?

But mostly, you know, it entertains me to pretend to be smart and well-informed. I don't lack for attitude and I really enjoy the sound of my own voice, so blogging is an ideal hobby for me. (Also, I really like to type. It's a quirk.)

But it's just a hobby. None of it is as real or as serious as I sometimes claim when I'm feeling all ranty. I know that, and I reassure myself with that idea.

I console myself with the knowledge that if the Bush Administration was really as bad as I make out, the media would be taking it seriously, too. I'm reassured by the knowledge that we have a free press and freedom of speech and if anything really fishy was going on, they'd be there, shouting about it. Because, that's what they do right? Even something as unpolitical as a blow job. If there are any real shenanigans in D.C., the press is all over the story.

And I know that Congress has its own powers that it guards jealously. Congress isn't going to hand over a huge chunk of their influence to anyone, not without a fight. Checks and balances and all of that. Besides, men with power don't just hand it over without a protest, right?

I, like most USofA citizens, sleep better at night knowing that Congress is watching the White House and that the media is watch-dogging them both.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:48 AM