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February 20, 2006

I've been following this story and I have two thoughts.

#1 - I'm starting to wonder if this was a "typo" in spite of all the headlines calling it that. A change seems to have made, quite deliberately, to the wording of a bill after it had been agreed to by both chambers. And the "wrong" version wound up on Bush's desk? Just what kind of procedures are we supposed to believe they're running in the Senate?

#2 - Slipping through changes in a bill after it's been agreed to...that really is just throwing the entire system out the window, isn't it? It could drive a wedge between the House and the Senate. At the least, it could slow down future legislation, as both chambers insist on reading and rereading bills before they're sent to the White House in the future. And Congress has enough problems already, don't you think?

I'll say it again. It's a serious mistake to act as though your party is never again going to be out of power.

Especially in an election year.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:56 PM