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February 22, 2006

As you might imagine, this story is on my mind today.

Nearly 100 Dead in US Custody in Iraq, Afghanistan: Rights Group

Nearly 100 prisoners have died in US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan since August 2002, the Human Rights First organisation said ahead of the publication of their report.

At least 98 deaths occurred, with at least 34 of them suspected or confirmed homicides -- deliberate or reckless killing -- the group of US lawyers told BBC television Tuesday.

Their dossier claims that 11 more deaths are deemed suspicious and that between eight and 12 prisoners were tortured to death.

I ws reading along, wondering how reliable the story was and regretting that I don't have time to research it today, when I stumbled, and choked, over this bit:

However, David Rivkin, a former White House legal adviser, said the numbers had to be put in perspective.

"[If] 10 people were tortured to death out of over 100,000 detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan" that was "a better rate" than in both world wars and "most civilian penal systems".

If we tortured 10 people to death, it's okay because worse things have happened in other places and at other times.

The Right just keeps repeating variations on that theme and eventually they're going to convince someone besides the wingnuts that it's true.

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