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February 28, 2006

Afghanistan, as I get tired of trying to remind people, was the other war. The one most people think was justified since Afghanistan is the country where there were actually terrorists.

Fresh unrest in Kabul prison riot

Fighting has resumed at Afghanistan's main prison, parts of which have been taken over by rioting detainees.

They're rioting over the appalling conditions.

Which brings us to a place where prisoners are not rioting, of, if they were, we wouldn't be told about it because we only just learned about it.

‘US has Afghan jail like Guantanamo’

Pentagon officials have described the former machine shop at Bagram Air Base, 65 km north of Kabul, as a screening centre, the Times said. "Bagram was never meant to be a long-term facility, and now it’s a long-term facility without the money or resources," an unnamed Pentagon official who knows the facility and compared it to the one at Guantanamo was quoted as saying in the daily.

How many more of these places are there? Will we ever know?

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