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February 28, 2006
Corruption - 1; Obama - 0

The #1 reason that comes to mind for Democrats not supporting Barack Obama's proposed lobbying legislation is that they don't want, any more than Republicans, to be at the mercy of the voters.

After all, if you're a politician who's not owned by major lobbying interests, how do you know how you should vote?

And if you vote based on some weird thing like campaign promises, well, that just messes up the whole system, doesn't it? Because then there's all of that accountability and stuff and those voters who didn't like you the first time they hit the ballot box are sure never going to vote for you. Without lobbyists to help you create semantic spin, you'll never be able to convince your constituency that one vote meant two separate things.

Also, I doubt if they want real ethics reform. I'd imagine that they see the current swiss-cheese system of ethics and lobbying legislation as an advantage. A little flexibility for those tricky moments when a major campaign contributor needs a bit of a favor. A few perks in return for the massive strain of casting the right votes. Rewards for the pain of having gotten the job you spent millions to secure.

Or, maybe they just don't think that former members of Congress are a good judge of what's "ethical" or "legal" behavior?

(Although I do have to say that I think a set of representatives who can be bought for a meal are pretty pathetic.)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:53 AM