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February 28, 2006

2 tiers take hold in high-wage U.S. labor

Until recently, cutbacks in the wages and benefits of hourly workers were limited mostly to unprofitable companies like failing steel mills or struggling airlines that said their survival was at stake. Now, however, even healthy and highly profitable companies like Caterpillar are engaging in the practice, and as they do so, the longstanding presumption that factory workers at successful companies can achieve a secure, relatively prosperous middle-class life for themselves and their families is evaporating.

It might be a good time to ponder the future of Labor in the USofA. Because while I don't have much objection to most of us being "white-collar" workers now and in the future, there are dangers in living in a country that doesn't produce any of the goods it needs to function.

It might be a good time to ponder the concept of "Labor" in the USofA. Just because many of us are sitting behind desks doesn't mean we're not "laboring" and that we shouldn't be standing shoulder-to-shoulder, making sure that this remains a country "of the people" and not "of the corporate personhoods."

I don't understand this, people. I gave you days to solve all of these problems. What have you been doing with yourselves?

Posted by AnneZook at 11:20 AM