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March 01, 2006
Busy Reading

I was going to blog some more, but I'm not sure there's anything to say that everyone else hasn't said about today's headlines, you know? I'll see after I get through my blogroll this evening.

I also need to take the time to read a couple of things.

The Kill Your Own Base Strategy from MyDD. Not a hugely long post, but a good one, and some good comments. I'm reconsidering my contempt for the Democratic Party, now that I'm forced to remember those years when I just shrugged off politics and assumed that life would go on much as before. That someone else was keeping an eye on the cookie jar, you know?

Once I finish the comments string there, I'm moving over to read something I hope will encourage me about what comes next.

Time to Renew Democracy

Editor's Note: In our view, two interrelated factors largely explain how the Bush administration has managed to push the United States so far in surrendering its historic concepts of democracy and freedom. One has been the control of information; the other the manipulation of fear.

As a corollary, it's our judgment that the reversal of this dangerous process depends on two initiatives reaching the American people with important facts and replacing fear with courage. Though achieving these goals will not be easy, we believe truth can trump propaganda and courage can overcome fear.

In this guest essay, Stephen Crockett, co-host of Democratic Talk Radio, gives his assessment of what's gone wrong and what needs to be done.

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