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March 02, 2006
Rolling back the rights

Remember this? South Dakota? Banning abortion? Restricting, or preventing, access to emergency contraceptives? Forcing women to share "parental" rights with the men who rape them?

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour Says He Will Sign Abortion Ban

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican, says he will sign a measure that bans virtually all abortions in the state should it make its way through the legislature and reach his desk. A state House committee approved the ban on a wide margin.

Mo. Court Upholds 24-Hour Abortion Wait

The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld the state's 24-hour waiting period for abortions, a decision that turns the focus of the legal battle to federal court.

Blunt, Anti-Abortion Group Bothered By Bill Banning Abortion.

No, they aren't bothered because this new law would ban abortion for women who have been raped, because it won't. They seem to figure it serves her right for getting raped.

Blunt said he feared an abortion ban could lock the state in a legal battle, which Missouri Right to Life said may not yet be winnable.

Not yet be winnable.

Abortion foes target 1995 Minnesota Supreme Court ruling

Scott Fischbach, who heads Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, the state's main anti-abortion group, calls the case "our state Roe v. Wade."

"What they did in Doe v. Gomez was found an absolute right to abortion in the Minnesota Constitution, and that needs to be addressed," he said.

I'm thinking this is already far beyond a call for a tourism ban in South Dakota.

You could read Tennessee Guerilla Women, but I think this is far beyond Lysistrata. I'd hope that in 2006, our power lies outside the bedroom.

You could read Jessica at Feministing for a quote on how women forfeit their rights by deciding to have sex.

(And following the link for her post title, you read once again that these "pro-life" types don't care about the living.)

Or Erin at Feministing on the Mississippi law, featuring a quote by a lawmaker who defends his desire to ban abortion by saying he can't get pregnant. (Boggles. The. Mind.)

Pam has some good links to offer.

And don't miss Republic of T's excellent set of links.

Well? Are we convinced yet that this is a coordinated, concerted attack on the freedom of women?

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