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March 03, 2006
On the other hand....

This story says parents should be frightened because the NCLB national test scores consistently score children as less proficient, sometimes only half as proficient, in reading as the state tests score them.

Why such a huge discrepancy? The state tests make it easier for children to shine.

"States worry about how much truth the public can handle without losing confidence in public education," Haycock said.

Knowing the determination of certain Rightwing groups to kill public education, one might suspect that this is exactly what they're hoping for.

I'm not saying public education is without fault. I'm not even saying that it doesn't need a lot of work. I'm just saying that a federal mandate that the entire range of students in our country live up to a single standard is obnoxious and unrealistic.

I'm also saying that spending $300 billion or whatever killing people in Iraq and then saying we can't afford to educate the children in this country doesn't sit well with me.

And while I'm saying things, I'm also saying that when you vote against funding for schools in your community again and again and again, you're a direct contributor to this problem.

As you are when you decide not to join the PTA in your child's school.

Education isn't magic, people. It doesn't happen at the wave of a wand.

Posted by AnneZook at 05:56 PM