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March 12, 2006
Down the tubes

A historic, and successful, compromise between environmental activists and the oil and gas industry has been trashed.

What I want you to consider in this article is not the need for energy supplies for the country. (I could go off on a renewable energy tangent, but I won't.)

No, instead I want you to contemplate just how much energy it takes to heat a home.

How much does it take to heat an average family's home? Two, maybe three bedrooms. A bathroom. Kitchen, living room, maybe even a family room.

Now contemplate how much it costs to heat (or cool) billionaire's home.

How many poor people's homes could be heated by the energy it takes to heat this mansion? How big is that thing? That's not a home. It's a small city.

Or this place? That's not a home, it's a hotel.

I don't even know what to call this one. It looks like a sports complex. Or a giant conference center.

And these people own multiple residences.

I'm just saying. When the government bitches at you for driving to the grocery store too often and using up more than your fair share of our oil supplies? Or for turning up the thermostat instead of putting on a thicker third sweater? Or for not moving to a more up-scale neighborhood with newer, more energy-efficient houses?

Don't be bitter.

Remember that those rich folks need to insure that supplies remain available to heat their 20,000+square foot homes, not to mention the vacation houses in the mountains and on the beaches and maybe those penthouse suites in New York.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:16 AM