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March 13, 2006

It's probably come to your attention that I don't spend as much time on "hold" in this new job as I did in the previous one. Used to be I was sitting, waiting for someone to pick up the phone for an hour or two a day. This job is much less phone work, so no time for blogging.

If I'd been online today, what might I have blogged?

Well, this story caught my eye.

If the person is already doing a life term and is having problems in prison, that in some ways shows a failure of the criminal justice system," Radelet said.

Ya think?

They're digging for victory in Kenya. At least, they will be when they get some help digging wells.

Is genocide about to accelerate in Darfur.

If a passenger train and 200 people were missing in the Western world, I assume that it would be Big News. I guess India doesn't rate the same coverage.

Speaking of India, is Congress going to put conditions on the new nuclear deal?

I might have blogged those and other things.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:25 PM