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March 15, 2006
Self-Injurious Manipulative Behavior

Don't let anyone tell you that "NewSpeak" hasn't arrived.

In the first suicide note to be declassified by the U.S. government, Jumah Al Dossari explains why he saw no other choice but to try to take his own life. Written back in October of 2005, it was one of a number of his thwarted suicide attempts. Jumah's lawyer Joshua Colangelo-Bryan discovered him hanging in his cell (read his account) with a deep gash in his arm. Jumah survived.

The U.S. military has concealed the true number of suicide attempts by reclassifying many attempts as "self-injurious manipulative behavior." True numbers are, therefore, impossible to come by. Former military linguist, Erik Saar, noted that when he was in Guantanamo back in 2003, suicide attempts were a weekly phenomenon.

Suicide as a trick? As "manipulative" behavior? Well, in one semantic fan-dancing sense, yeah. A suicide attempt is always an attempt to manipulate your own reality, whether it's a cry for help or the last, desperate choice of someone for whom living is no longer a bearable option.

From Dying for you to listen. A Guantanamo suicide speaks to the world about "a human being who suffered too much."

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unsurprising in this brave new world in which one is expected to apologize for getting shot in the face.....

Posted by: r@d@r at March 16, 2006 09:34 AM