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March 15, 2006
Tricks With Bucks

As long as we're funding the invasion and bombing of Iraq with "supplemental" spending, the Republicans can keep pretending the annual Federal budget isn't as out of control as it is.


Rather than comprising relatively small amounts of money for exceptional events no one was able to foresee, these supplementals now come in huge packages for costs that are all too easily foreseen. A major concern is that many complicated and important issues – such as the wisdom of the Army’s “modularization” plan and the quality of FEMA hurricane recovery efforts – are embedded in these money requests. However, because these requests are submitted in the context of the ongoing wars and they are seen as “urgent,” there is very little opportunity for any oversight of the controversial issues.

I guess, from the Congressional Democrats who were afraid to support Feingold, we shouldn't be surprised that they're not making more of a fuss about this kind of thing.

That whole "booming economy" thing, you know? Are we sure that what we're feeling isn't a sort of teetering?

(Interested in the budget impact on your state?)

Posted by AnneZook at 08:35 PM