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March 17, 2006
I almost forgot!

Sunday is our anniversary!

Just three short years ago we invaded a nonagressive country and started destroying their infrastruction and slaughtering their citizens.

$248,063,872581.00 so far.*
2,313 USofA soldiers dead.
17,004 "officially" wounded, although unofficial estimates go as high as 48,000
100,000 civilians dead, directly from violence or from the chaos we've created.**

Gosh, where does the time go?

(The third anniversary is traditionally, leather, isn't it? Maybe we should send everyone in Guantanamo their own hood?)

Oh, no, I have a better idea. Let's send the White House a real present.


* And we ain't done yet!

** Civilian toll estimates at 10/04
Iraq Body Count: 14-16,000
Brookings Inst: 10-27,000
UK foreign secretary: >10,000
People's Kifah >37,000
Lancet: >100,000

Posted by AnneZook at 08:19 AM