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March 18, 2006
Semantic Pollution

So, the courts have said that the EPA cannot ignore the law, even if Bush is still in office? Good on them.

I know everyone has probably already covered this, but I was reading the story and found a quote that amused me.

"We are disappointed that the court did not find in favor of the United States," EPA spokesman John Millett said.

See that? The court didn't rule against the EPA. It didn't rule in favor of the law. It ruled against "the United States."


And that's not all.

Friday's decision "is a step backward in the protection of air quality in the United States," said Scott Segal, director of the Electric Reliability Coordinating Council, a Washington-based group representing several power-generating companies. "What is it the environmental community thinks they've won? They've won the ability to place roadblocks in front of energy efficiency projects. This is terrible news."

Requiring companies to follow Clean Air standards, to install pollution controls*, and to clean up their companies' waste emissions, is going to be disastrous for us all.

It's...it's...why, it's eco-terrorism! The Clean Air terrorists are going to destroy us all!


* For those of you who weren't paying attention at the time, this is what the law was intended to do. To force companies to upgrade their plants as they modernized and renovated them. It was designed to give them some lead time, to allow them to plan and budget for the expenses. Now that their time is running out, many of these companies are whining about the expense, but they've all had long years to consider the process.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:13 AM