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March 25, 2006
Side Note

I just wanted to mention that when I first heard the story about the activists that had been hostages in Iraq for months? It was all about "Christian activists."

I've noticed how quickly these became "peace activists" and now "peace workers" and have been wondering about the reasons behind the abrupt and universal change.

Yeah, the articles mention the whole "Christian" thing but they could hardly avoid it. None of the headlines have, though. Not since the first ten minutes or so that that story broke.

And while I'm snarking?

British officials said the rescue operation came after weeks of planning, but a US military spokesman, Major-General Rick Lynch, said the information that allowed the assault to go ahead came from a man detained by American forces late last night.

Someone here didn't get the official talking points memo. I wonder which side it was?

And what's behind that whole "empty house" thing, anyhow? Sounds to me like they were essentially handed over by people who didn't want them any more or something.

Reading further, it looks like this is probably the case.

It is believed that the location where the three men were held in west Baghdad was traced after information was supplied by Iraqi go-betweens who had established contact with the kidnappers.

Which means it was the result of long work and not, as the USofA said, information received from a "detainee."

(Also? What's with the snippy attitude over a forgotten thank-you note?)

Posted by AnneZook at 08:43 AM