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March 25, 2006
Get Ready

Get ready for more lies about Iraq war, by Andrew Greeley

It's easy to be against the war when it is clear that the United States is finally in Big Muddy and when you ignored all the warnings that the President and his secretary of defense were leading us into the Big Muddy. If the war were unwinnable from day one, it was an unjust war and hence immoral.

Yet the warnings were clear. The Powell doctrine called for massive numbers of troops to maintain order after the Iraqi government was destroyed. The history of Iraq promised religious conflict and eventual civil war if the United States did not have the forces there to suppress such conflict. Anyone who knew anything about Iraq would have predicted the Big Muddy.

Many of those of us who knew almost nothing about Iraq still knew that this war was going to be a disaster.

And also that it was unjust and immoral. Do I have to repeat it all again? You cannot expect success when you unilaterally invade a nonaggressive country under false pretenses.

Yes, Saddam Hussein's regime was brutal and repressive. Welcome to the world, boys. The planet is covered with hotspots where brutal and repressive regimes are in power. Like Hussein, we helped to put a number of them in power and we have and will support them as long as it suits our economic purposes.

Our invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The neocons always intended to invade (.pdf) them. "Fighting terrorism" was just a pretext.

It's not about a simple-minded division between Good and Evil. (Are we three?)

Wrong war. Wrong way. Wrong time.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:58 AM