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March 26, 2006
Qwest Prosecutions

Looks as though things aren't going well in the attempt to bring Joe Nacchio to trial.

Nacchio's attorneys moved to have the charges and the indictment dismissed on the grounds that prosecutors have not built a solid case against the former CEO of Denver-based Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q).

The judge denied the dismissal request by Nacchio's lawyers, but asked U.S. Attorney William Leone to deliver more specific evidence about what Nacchio knew and when.

Call me na´ve, but I thought that that's what a trial is actually for? To, you know, make the case? (I guess they're not sure they have enough evidence to go to trial, but the CEO of a company dumping $100 million in his own company's stock right before it takes a hit because of poor performance? I'd say that's enough right there to strongly suggest fraud.)

Marc Weisberg, a former executive vice president at Qwest was sentenced to 60 days of house arrest and fined $250,000 for one count of wire fraud earlier this month.

Sixty days of house arrest.

It's good to be a wealthy, white-collar criminal in the USofA.

More details:

As part of Weisberg's deal, the government dropped 10 counts of wire fraud and money laundering that carried potential maximum prison sentences of five to 20 years. Prosecutors also dropped a forfeiture count seeking repayment of $2.9 million in allegedly ill-gotten gains.

He cops a plea and gets to keep the money he made through fraud? (And what about the "family members and friends" who also benefited?)

When I grow up, I wanna be a wealthy, white-collar criminal in the USofA.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:49 AM