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March 30, 2006
How Far We Have Fallen

Yes, I do accept the reality that we are not, and never were, the country I thought we were.

But I thought we were better than this.

Or, maybe I didn't. It could be just an isolated smear of corruption. A prosecutor and a State department employee conspiring to elevate the fear of a new terrorist attack for, oh I'm sure, entirely non-political reasons.

After all they had _____ to gain.

How do we fill in the blank? I guess the prosecutor could get a big 'win' on a high-profile case, but what did the State department person have to gain?

The indictment of the former prosecutor and one of his star witnesses marked a dramatic turnaround in a case once hailed by President Bush and John Ashcroft, his first attorney general, as a major breakthrough against terrorism plotted on American soil.

Currying favor with his own bosses, back before he became disenchanted with them?

Posted by AnneZook at 06:51 PM