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April 05, 2006
Us, not Them?

House Moves to Limit Political Spending by Nonprofit Groups Known As '527' Organizations

The House moved Wednesday to limit the multimillion-dollar donations to nonprofit groups that changed the face of American politics in the 2004 presidential election. Republicans said they were closing a huge loophole, but Democrats saw an effort to undercut their supporters.

The legislation would require so-called "527" political groups to abide by campaign contribution limits.

Donors would thus be able to contribute only $25,000 a year for partisan voter mobilization activities and $5,000 a year for direct expenditures on federal elections.

The article says Repubs and Dems both have people opposing the bill. Color me confused. I though the Rebubs normally used a different kind of non-profit structure?

Posted by AnneZook at 06:01 PM