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April 06, 2006
Stacking the deck?

I wonder if there's any really decent reason to have Giuliani testifying at the Moussaoui trial?

Did he know Moussaoui? Did he have any knowledge of Moussaoui's actions? Was he a witness to anything Moussaoui did? No, of course not. If he did, he'd have been at the trial trial. (Whatthehell is a "sentencing trial" anyhow?) Ever since I first heard about this, and about playing recordings from 9/11, I've been a touch disgusted with us. Again.

I'm just saying, okay? Every criminal is a terrorist* of greater or less impact.

You might think that's mostly criminals who commit violent crimes but the elderly couple who sees their life savings disappear down the rathole of some scam, and who face eviction and destitution, might not agree.

I don't think you can, or should, "try" terrorists under a completely different set of rules.

Did Moussaoui murder anyone? Was he an accomplice to murder? Was he an accessory before or after the fact? If he's guilty of any of these things, is the death penalty available in that venue to punish those things? That's all that should matter. The law. The real law, not Bush-league Law.

The families of the 9/11 victims still have my sympathy, but their loved ones are not somehow deader than the victim of a drive-by shooting or the victim of a drunk driver. It's not somehow more tragic to die from political differences than to die from social ones.

Moussaoui should pay the price for whatever crime he actually committed.

The fact that, locked up, he won't last long in any USofA prison is a different matter.

The fact that the death penalty would create a valuable marty for the 'enemy' in our Long Extremist War On Islamic Terror (hereinafter known as LEWOIT) is something the government should not consider. They should consider the law. That's all.


* For those of us who were wondering why so many "crimes" seem to be handled by the Department of really pathetic Homeland Security these days? Maybe the Bush Administration is about to declare all criminals as "terrorists" (except the Right-wing kind)? Maybe the Right figures they can clean out the Left's voting rolls by rounding up all of those peace activists and "eco-terrorists" and suchlike?**


** Don't get tense. It's a joke.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:21 PM