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April 06, 2006

G. Pascal Zachary says not all regime change is bad and that while we might need to skedaddle out of Iraq because it was the wrong war fought in the wrong way, that doesn't mean that regime change itself is a bad idea.

And while he makes a rational case, however briefly, he misses two crucial points.

#1 - It's all very well to talk airly of replacing a devastating regime with one that's only a bit better, but not even my bitterness about the USofA's history with "regime change" is strong enough for me to pretend that each of our successive Admininstrations didn't actually believe they were making a change for the better. (My syntax.... I mean, while the results were disastrous, I do believe that each USofA Administration honestly believed at the time that they were doing right and that people would be better off.)

Heck...now that I've typed that...twice...I just realized I'm not sure if I believe it or not. Now that I'm considering the idea, I realize that it's not impossible that our government would install a regime that would oppress its own people. In fact, I don't think many of our Administrations would have cared, as long as the USofA's corporate interests got a break from the deal.

Dude, where is my country? (I should buy that book.)


#2 - We can't afford any more democracy. Not even in a country that would actually be happy to see us. We've bankrupted ourselves in Iraq and the money hemorrhage isn't going to stop any time soon. We've bankrupted ourselves with disastrous tax cuts and giveaway programs to wealthy corporations at home, and unless someone jams the breaks on, the Right will push through legislation to make these cuts permanent.

Besides. Democracy doesn't always mean being friends. I'm trying to imagine a USofA government willing to spend the time, money, and blood to bring 'democracy' to another country and not expect a long, profitable, return.

Update: We just don't have a good track record in these matters.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:51 PM