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April 06, 2006
Case closed? (Updated)

So, McKinney has apologized.

Not too soon. I don't know what will happen with the investigation but I hope she and the other members of Congress who previously couldn't be bothered to wear their identification pins will start doing so.

This all could have been avoided so easily and today's scuffle with the press isn't going to make it all go away any faster.


On Wednesday, McKinney had charged anew that racism was behind what she said was a pattern of difficulty in clearing Hill security checkpoints, arguing that officers assigned to protect Congress members should recognize her, even without her congressional pin.

That's just arrogance.

Update: I'm starting to be sorry I weighed in on this story at all since many whose opinions I respect are on the opposite side of the issue.

Let me say that I've read such disparate accounts of this incident as to completely confuse me.

Did she "charge" past a Security officer or enter by a side way and "get" past him before he saw her face? Did she ignore him when he called after her or did she not hear him? Did he put his hand on her arm or "grab" her? Did she hit him? Did she have her Congressional I.D. displayed or just in her possession? Does the new hairdo (which I haven't seen a photo of) change her appearance so dramatically that you might not recognize her? Has she been treated badly or is she frequently too quick to fly off the handle and scream "racism"?

Who else has been stopped by these security guards for not wearing their pins and gotten through it without creating a national media storm?

And, finally, is Tom DeLay a grandstanding nitwit?

Well, at least I know the answer to one of these questions.

From now on, I'm saving my commentary for other stories.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:13 PM