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April 12, 2006
Inappropriate Rant

Because I couldn't put it in the comments. The commenter said nothing to deserve such a hostile response. And yet...here it is.

So. You're "pro life"? How nice for you.

But only some lives, right? Not all of them.

Because you don't all feel that a woman's life is of as much value as a fetus's existence. Many of you think the very existence of a fertilized egg should take priority over a woman's life, her health, and even the well-being of any children she might have already borne.

Some of you think if a teenage girl is raped by her father, she should have to carry the fruit of that rape. Some of you think if a woman is walking into her house after work one night, and she's raped and impregnated, she should not only have to bear the child, but she should be forced to invite the rapist into her life and give the monster visitation rights to "his child."

I mean, do you feel that a woman is not entitled to medical care or medication if she's had an abortion?

Do you support a woman's right to choice when her life or health are in danger? If I have brain cancer and I get pregnant and the doctor says it's me or the baby, can I have an abortion?

Do you or do you not support a woman's right to choice in cases of incest and/or rape?

Do you support a woman's right to choice in cases where tests throw doubt on the viability of the fetus?

And, you know what? Aside from those questions, from just where do you believe you get the right to try and impose your private moral code on my private life?

My body. My genetic heritage. My health risk. My future on the line.

My. Choice.

When was the last time you demonstrated, wrote letters, waved signs, or screamed about the deaths of innocents across the globe who are already born?

Or do you believe that the already born are their own problem, outside of their reproductive systems?

If the "pro life" people cared even a fraction as much about the living as they do about a pea-sized fetus, then maybe we'd all be working to actually make life better for people. Thousands of abused, beaten, starved, or even murdered infants, toddlers, and children in this country could be saved.


Allowed to live.

But, no. Being "pro life" is not actually about the living.

The living are messy. Standing outside abortion clinics and passing judgment on women you know nothing about, writing hostile letters, waving placards, chanting silly slogans, and suchlike are a lot simpler. And cleaner.

It's easier to try and victimize women passing by you than it is to look at the face of an abused child and realize that, had you cared, had you tried, you might have been able to prevent it, isn't it?

Your way, you get to feel all sanctimonious about how you're 'doing good', but you don't have to look any really unpleasant reality in the face.

You so-called "pro life" types have neither the right nor the knowledge to pass judgment in the way you're passing judgment. You're arrogant and hypocritical.

Deep breath.

Okay. I'm getting far too hostile.

Bottom line? I'm anti-abortion and pro-choice.

I believe that a woman has the right to sovereignty over her own body and I believe that abortion should rarely ever be a choice she has to face.

I also believe that if we took the energy people put into fighting about abortion and put it into education, contraception, and aid, we'd cut the number of abortions in this country dramatically, while at the same time improving the lives of countless women, children, and men.

Abortion has to be a choice that's available, for many reasons. Abortion has been with us for a long, long time. Because it's been needed.

If you really disapprove of it, do something sensible. Work to make it unnecessary, not illegal.

But. You know. Until then? Keep your nose out of my body.

(And after that? Continue keeping your nose out of my body.)

Posted by AnneZook at 10:33 PM


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