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April 19, 2006
Unsurprising Philosophy
You scored as Old School Democrat. Old school Democrats emphasize economic justice and opportunity. The Democratic ideal is best summarized by the Four Freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

Old School Democrat




New Democrat


Foreign Policy Hawk




Pro Business Republican


Socially Conservative Republican


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Hee. I'm "Old School."

Posted by AnneZook at 06:29 PM


Me too. Though I came out kind of high on "Foreign Policy Hawk." Both of us are more libertarian than Republican... no suprise there. I came out higher on New Dem than you, though, which was surprising (that I came out high, not that you came out lower).

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at April 20, 2006 02:52 AM

I wonder how we differ? (How do you feel about "free trade"?)

Posted by: Anne at April 20, 2006 09:15 AM

What, the Slavery Resurrection Act? No, thanks.

I suspect it's my answers on questions about "doing everything possible to extend liberty overseas" or something like that. I wondered if they were neo-con trap questions.

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at April 20, 2006 01:36 PM

Pardon my ignorance, but is/are this: Four Freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. stated in some profound document I'm stupidly unaware of? All I can think of is how it sounds like lyrics from one of the 4th of July numbers from Irving Berlin's "Holiday Inn"

Posted by: Dail at April 21, 2006 08:37 AM

Actually, Dail, they're from a Norman Rockwell series in the early 40s.

Hence the "old school democracy" association.

Posted by: Anne at April 21, 2006 09:37 AM

Jonathan - I didn't heartily agree with the "doing everything possible to extend liberty overseas" thing myself, although we might have been at different points on the scale.

Posted by: Anne at April 21, 2006 09:38 AM

Dail: Anne's being cute. The Four Freedoms are eminently googleable, though: here's the text of FDR's speech. The speech is interesting actually: his positions sound an awful lot like Bush's in places, but the totality of it (and the situation) is entirely different; the resemblences are coincidental.

Anne: I probably have just a touch more faith in markets than you, too. Not much, mind you, but some of the questions about government control of markets were pretty Stalinist....

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at April 21, 2006 06:45 PM

Okay, so I was being funny. But Dail knows me, and she knows what to expect from me. ;)

But only partly. I used to have quite a love for Rockwell's SEP covers and that's actually the first place I ran into the "Four Freedoms."

It wasn't untiil much later, when I started my amateur inveestigations into history, that I ran into the source. While I found the FDR speech quite moving, it was Rockwell's visuals that really stuck in my mind.

You probably do have a bit more faith in markets than I do, Jonathan. I tend to shy away from the idea that unfettered capitalism is a thing of beauty...so much so that I'm sure I go a bit overboard the other direction. (That's the problem with polls. So often there really isn't one answer that really represents my position.)

Posted by: Anne at April 21, 2006 08:09 PM