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May 11, 2006

Call me clueless, but I don't remember reading about this before.

Not only a story about how British "double agents" in the IRA committed crimes, but rumors that the U.K. and the USofA were the actual perpetrators of some of the "suicide attacks" in Iraq, to make the "terrorists" look more dangerous?

These accusations by Iraqi officials echo insistent but unsubstantiated claims, going back at least to the spring of 2004, to the effect that many of the terror bombings carried out against civilian targets in Iraq have actually been perpetrated by U.S. and British forces rather than by Iraqi insurgents.

The unsettling thing is that we're learning that rumors may be "unsubstantiated" but if they are "persistent", that's usually a sign that there's something going on. Maybe not precisely what the rumors suggest, but something.

Spokesmen for the American and British occupation of Iraq, together with newspapers like the Daily Telegraph, have of course rejected with indignation any suggestion that their forces could have been involved in false-flag terrorist operations in Iraq.

Well, yes. One would hope so.

It may be remembered that during the 1980s spokesmen for the government of Ronald Reagan likewise heaped ridicule on Nicaraguan accusations that the U.S. was illegally supplying weapons to the ‘Contras’—until, that is, a CIA-operated C-123 cargo aircraft full of weaponry was shot down over Nicaragua, and Eugene Hasenfus, a cargo handler who survived the crash, testified that his supervisors (one of whom was Luis Posada Carriles, the CIA agent responsible for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner) were working for then-Vice-President George H. W. Bush.

Well, color us embarrassed.

But seriously. There are a lot of citations in there. There are a lot of different stories discussed. I haven't had time to absorb it all and I certainly haven't had time to follow all the links (although I did read this story, which is related), but I'm going to be thinking about it.

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