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July 09, 2007

Speaking of "spending money wisely," I do believe there were a number of us who howled in outrage at the time when the Bush Administration rammed through that pharmaceutical corporation goodie bag, the Medicare prescription drug benefit?

"Hey!" We hollered. "If a company with four employees can get an insurance/prescription drug discount, why can't the federal government cut itself a deal?"

"Yo!" We yelled. "Are you crazy? No one pays retail any more, especially for health care!"

"Stop!" We screamed. "That's just a giveaway, designed to make political supporters rich. The admittedly necessary benefits for seniors can be obtained at a third the cost or maybe even less!"

We howled, we yowled, we complained, and--no one cared.

Now? Comptroller Says Medicare Program Endangers Financial Stability

Turns out, we can't afford unlimited benefits at retail price. Big surprise.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:35 AM