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November 18, 2007
Bad Canada!

Lest we forget our Northern Neighbors in Bush/Cheney's fight for "freedom" in Iraq, it looks like the USofA isn't the only country with a few prisoner torture" issues to face.

Another report noted that the warden of the main prison in Kandahar, where many prisoners handed over by Canadians soldiers were held, had been fired after charges that he raped juvenile detainees. Cosmetics and hashish were found in his office. He was exonerated because an Afghan military judge said it was "impossible for a drunken man in his 50s to commit an act of rape," reported a Canadian official in a cable to Ottawa.


I don't think there's anything I can add to that.

Five days earlier, on June 1, diplomats struggling to cope with NDS record-keeping reported that some detainees are listed as being "released about three months before they are arrested," while for others there was no record "of these detainee names anywhere on our spreadsheet."

Yeah, that's the hard part of illegal arrests of hundreds of random people just plucked off the streets of a strange country. The paperwork gets to be such a mess.

CIVPOL have made the request on our behalf to be issued with the desert camel boots, as they have also had to convert since being in theatre. they afford the appropriate ankle support when getting in and out of the LAV/Coyote/Nyala vehicles. Additionally the colour is more appropriate in the summer heat. On a Health and Safety level we will be walking through blood and fecal matter when either on patrol or in the prison and should not be wearing our personal footwear as it will track into our personal quarters.

Yeah. Wearing the season's fashionable color and keeping the shit off your bedroom floor are pretty important.

Do you believe there are still people claiming there's nothing bad going on with the prisoners of this insane war?

(Via CathieFromCanada)

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