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June 16, 2008
I May Be Sick

I just don't know how to deal with a story about this kind of brutality. (Warning: Link to story of brutal toddler murder.)

Clearly the man is crazy, and not in the "temporary" insanity kind of way. If passersby are trying to intervene and you push them off to finish--what you're doing--well, that's not someone who just 'snapped' for a second. That's big-time crazy.

Maybe I do believe in the death penalty after all. Because if I think about this for more than two consecutive seconds, I almost feel like I could execute the guy myself.

Well, no. Not almost.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:13 PM


Even if we eliminate the death penalty in the form of state execution, we do still have the death penalty in the form of police.

Of course, I'm not actually opposed to the death penalty per se, but to the way in which it is arbitrarily and often unjustly applied. In cases like this, I don't have the slightest qualm, except that it would have been nice if someone had gotten to him before the police, and before the child was dead. No jury in the world would convict someone taking violent action under those circumstances.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at June 17, 2008 08:01 PM