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August 28, 2008
Oh, I See!

I tuned back in to CNN just in time to hear someone say that it's not the network's job to give the Democrats a "three-day infomercial."

That's why they won't shut up about the McCain campaign. They feel that uninterrupted exposure to a candidate's views or a Party's positions isn't really what the "news media" is supposed to provide.

So, I'm assuming that those watching next week's Republican convention wil be treated to a nearly unending discussion of the blasted podium? Interspersed with frequent coverage of what the Obama campaign thinks of what the McCain campaign is saying and equally frequent coverage of whatever Obama or Biden are doing or saying at that moment?

And that any time a Right-leaning interviewee tries to say something about what McCain believes in or stands for, they'll be interrupted for an important question about the decor?

And that Every. Single. Time. Someone starts a sentence with something that's happening in the Republican convention, they'll end it by discussing Obama?

CSPAN is doing something interesting about LBJ.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:40 PM