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September 05, 2008
Bigots Abound

There's been some reaction to the recent use of the word "uppity" to describe Mr. Obama. By, and this will not surprise you, a Southern Republican Congressman. The word, as most of us know, is a not-so-secret code for--well, an attitude I keep hoping, quite in vain, that mature, sensible people in this country have learned better than. But some of them haven't.

(expletives deleted)

(I had more to say, but by the time I took out the bad words, there wasn't much left.)

The use of the word, "boy" by Kentucky Rep Geoff Davis sets flames going inside my head, but I'm trying to stay rational. Not all Republicans are hatemongers, not all people from the South are bigots, and not everyone who acts like an ignorant, narrow-minded jackass is actually a throwback to the 1850s. (Okay, maybe they are.)

I also happen to think it's a darned good idea not to stand around advertising your racist bigotry and I can't believe I didn't hear the outrage when the Congressman in question made that disgusting remark, but whatever. I'm sure y'all talked about it and I just missed it.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:39 AM