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September 06, 2008
More Fun with Electoral Math!

June 11, I snagged this from CNN and posted it:


And now it's September 6, just after both conventions.


Some of the tossups are now leaners. Some of the leaners are now leaning the other direction.

When I find myself wondering why Palin is making such hate-filled speeches, when I find myself distressed by the attacks on Mr. Obama's character, when I listen in vain for any discussion of serious issues from the Right? I need to remember this map. They're going down--maybe not for the third time, but it's at least the second time, and they have very little left to lose.

IMO, McCain won't have what it takes to run again in four years if he doesn't make it this year. And no one outside of McCain could possibly be crazy enough to take on Palin after this. The fact that she can make a speech that can rile up the base that's going to vote Repulican anyhow aside, any honest media coverage* of her real views and real behavior in office has to make even the Rabid Right back off.

And I give her props. I may not agree with her beliefs, but she can read a teleprompter with the best of them. :) If this was a longer campaign cycle, I have no doubt that she'd have become adept at delivering off-the-cuff vitriol.


* Honest media coverage. You know, the kind we did not get when Rove first put Bush forward as a candidate.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:31 PM