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September 08, 2008

Bush is a moron, at least from my perspective. Especially when it comes to his politics. (#1 - It's ok to kill people if they won't give you what you want. #2 - Fuck the country and the "future." I won't be there to see the "future" and poor people are a waste of time. Anyone who matter has money. As long as me and my friends have hefty bank accounts, everyone else can eat cake.)

I have a fair number of intolerances, as I'm sure you know by now, but my #1 intolerance is stupidity. I have a zero-tolerance policy for stupidity. (As defined by ME.)

Our current Worst President Ever is stupid. He's invaded and failed to--whatthefuck is it he's trying to do? Conquer? Pacify? Democratize? Anyhow, he's failed to do anything to two Middle Eastern countries other than ratchet up an ugly body count, destroy infrastructure in countries with precious little to spare, and give "Them" a hundred new reasons to hate Us.

He's alienated most of our neighbors to the south, many of whom are turning to China and other growing countries for economic support partnerships.

The WPE has pissed off most of "The West" with his arrogant, warmongering hubris. "America" is now seen as an unstable and frightening power, dangerous to leave unopposed. (My thought? Iran doesn't want nuclear weapons to protect them against their neighbors. They want nuclear weapons to protect themselves against us.)

Here at home, the WPE has enriched daddy's friends and cronies (thus paying back the debts he owed from the times they bailed him out of one or another of his failed and possible fraudulent business ventures), made rich folks quite a lot richer, and ground the other 90% of the population down a little more.

If extreme disparity of wealth distribution and wild stock market speculation were major contributors to The Great Depression? I'd say the WPE has done more than his share to set us up for a second trip down that path.

I cannot believe you idiots actually elected him once, much less twice.

McCain is equally a moron. Or maybe more so. From his politics (repeating, "I was a POW" five thousand times will not make you any better qualified to run the country) to his decisions. (He's 70+ and has already had one heart attack and numerous bouts with cancer--making his VP choice more than normally critical, and he chose that?)

He's doubly a moron because he was a POW, he was tortured, and he didn't break with the Republican Party after they divulged that they'd made torture of prisoners an official government policy.*

I guess his outrage didn't quite outweigh his desire to run for office. Politicians can be very--flexible, that way.

Unemployment is at a five-year high, gasoline is still hovering around $4/gallon, a line of strong storms are heading toward the Gulf Coast, endangering the ugly but apparently necessary oil rigs floating in the fragile ecosystem still reeling from Katrina, our public educational system is in shambles, the stock market is skyrocketing and tanking like an unguided missile, home foreclosures are at record highs and the mortgage business is in a race with the country's infrastructure as to which can collapse first, and McCain says this race is not about the issues.

So. Very. Stupid.

So, I'm going on record to say I'm smarter than either Bush or McCain and what's even more important, I have more common sense than the two of them put together. And I can tell, looking at both of them, that the differences aren't much worth writing home about.

The Republican Party should go sit in a corner and have an extended time-out, while they think of all the ways they're ridiculously out of touch with reality.


* Side note: Why am I the only person who seems angry that these so-called "terror suspects" are mostly just men and boys who were sold to our military by their personal enemies? So, you know, we're back in the business of buying human beings again, but no one seems to care or to see it.

Offering a bounty on a wanted (alleged) criminal is one thing--I'm not sure I agree with the idea, but I haven't thought deeply about it. I do know, though, that offering "head money" for just anyone someone cares to tie up and dump on your doorstep? Is morally wrong on a level with slavery. Especially when you lock them up and torture them.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:16 AM