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September 10, 2008
And. So. Very. Angry.

You know what? This is one of the main reasons I stopped blogging. Hours wasted ranting about things I can't change and where my opinion just isn't important.


My conclusion on the previous post, if I had one, would have been that it's time each and every one of us wrote a letter to the editors of our local papers. Go all out, use some paper and a stamp (and copy it in email). Make them know you're serious. That you think this election is about issues and that you demand that they start addressing what the candidates say or don't say about issues. And that you want the candidates, all of them, asked about the issues. Tell them that the next time they talk about "lipstick" or use the phrase "hockey mom" you're going to march down to their premises and yell at them in person.

"The more the New York Times and The Washington Post go after Sarah Palin, the better off she is, because there's a bigger truth out there and the bigger truths are she's new, she's popular in Alaska and she is an insurgent," Feehery said. "As long as those are out there, these little facts don't really matter."

(Jonathan Weisman)

This is the campaign they're running. This is the campaign the Republicans always run. Issues close to the hearts of real people are "little facts" and the misrepresentations, misdirections, and outright lies aren't important as long as the Republicans get elected.

The problem with our political systems is that the Left, especially in recent years, keeps tossing up candidates who are honest and committed to bettering the country.

And the Right is doing anything and everything it can to win elections.

There's a fundamental difference in how they approach government. On the Right, it's a gravy train that can enrich the elected officials and their cronies. On the Left, it's a massive service organization in support of this country and its people.

I don't want the Left to change, we can't make the Right change and they're not going to change on their own. (Why abandon a winning strategy?)

I'm just not sure what it's going to take to make the "core base" of the Republican Party see what their "leaders" really are, and how little they care about their base as people. The "small government" Republicans want small government, not because it maximizes personal freedom and saves tax dollars, but because it loosens the fetters on business.

I don't know how to grab that large mass of half-attentive occasional voters who are treading water between the two parties and get them to see that it matters, not only who they vote for, but that they always vote. Because this kind of white-hot partisanship is what you get when only the most passionate fringes of the parties are involved in the process.


I'm going to have to give up politiblogging again.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:43 AM