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September 11, 2008
Don't Worry. Be Happy.


Misery loves Democrats

More charitably, let me say that I was going to join in on the mocking of McCain for his inept defense of his illogical VP choice, but I decided not to.

I've been reading a suggestion here and there, and it rings true, that he didn't want Palin anyhow. She's not a choice he made--she's the price he paid.

He wanted the "religious fundamental base" voters. Palin, unsurprisingly popular with that crowd, was the price of their support. Given his determination to achieve the White House at all costs, I guess it's to be expected that he'd be willing to pay that price.

But--no. On second thought--he's willing to pay that price? Then he should be mocked and questioned and quizzed and backed into a corner. Because the chance, however remote of a Palin presidency? Is too high a price.*

But, on the whole? I'd rather be liberal.

But that doesn't let liberals off the hook for what I see as their own failings. Shutup about the stupid lipstick. Stop playing into the Right's hands. You do this every, single time Wise up.

Talk about the issues. All the time. In every setting. In every context.

The issues.

Nothing else.

Like Mr. Obama, who says things like, "They want me to talk about the lipstick because they don't want me to talk about the issues and the fact that the people of this country are worried about their futures and the eonomy." (Very loose paraphrase by me.)


* Also, anything is too high a price for the privilege of having four more years of stupidity.

I mean, yes, I know they have Rove advising them and they're being as aggressive as they can about staying about from facts and issues about Palin, but when even the corporate national media is calling a Republican candidacy lame? It's lame.

Forgodsake--I disagree with almost everything she believes in and I could have constructed a better campaign strategy for them. Given her bio any half-decent hack could have constructed a better narrative for the public than what McCain's campaign is using.

Which leads me to wonder--is he doing some kind of weird, passive-aggressive thing? He was forced to accept her as his VP pick but he's damned if he's going to make it easy on her? But.... That would mean he's torpedoing his own campaign, just to get revenge. And I'm not sure he's willing to do that?

Stupid tactics confuse me.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:49 PM


I don't care if McCain "wanted" something else. He made a decision to go with Palin over better-qualified evangelicals, a decision to go with Palin over better-qualified women, a decision to go with Palin over better-qualified governors. If he's so out of control of his campaign that he doesn't have some choices in matters like this, then he deserves all the derision he's getting and then some: it shows him as a puppet, a front man, an empty (bloody) shirt.

And if he did want her, then he's still a few dozen catcalls short of his derision quotient for the week. We've been nice, so far.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at September 11, 2008 06:02 PM

Hee. Very true! People have been more polite than they might have been. It's possible that many of them are, like me, in a bit of shock to see such a completely and improbably unqualified person as the #2 on the ticket of a major political party.

I mean, you expect out-of-nowhere offerings from fringe groups, but the Republican Party at least usually tries for candidates with some knowledge and experience. I might not agree with their candidates' beliefs and positions, but I don't think I've ever seen such a lunatic choice from them before.

Posted by: Anne at September 11, 2008 10:58 PM