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September 15, 2008
Still Going Strong....

We continue our policy of invading nonaggressive countries with our latest maneuver - repeatedly invading an ally.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:38 AM


What's shocking about this, actually, is that the ally shot back: that's almost unprecedented in the history of US Imperialism. Pushback from a "reliable partner" in the form of actual bullets.... honestly, I can't think of a comparable situation.

It's only a matter of time before we declare Pakistan a "failed state" and "safe harbor".... then the omigod-they've-got-nukes proverbial hits the irresistable force, or something like that.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at September 15, 2008 12:11 PM

I admit, it was the unusual part about the Pakistanis firing, even into the air, to warn the USofA troops against breaching their borders that first attracted my attention to the story.

If the Bush Administration (read: Cheney) had more time, I'm sure that's exactly what would happen.

And in the unlucky, unfortunate event that BushLiteMcCain winds up in office? I wouldn't bet against your scenario.

Posted by: Anne at September 15, 2008 12:55 PM

This is one case where Obama is weak, in my mind: he's explicitly supported these kinds of incursions without reservation. I can support "hot pursuit" territorial violations, and I can see where even planned attacks against terrorist installations in neutral countries could be justified, the idea that we would routinely and repeatedly carry out military missions on sovereign soil without a working relationship or declared hostilities strikes me as a recipe for just this kind of disaster.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at September 15, 2008 02:02 PM