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September 15, 2008
Fairly UNbalanced

The national broadcast "news" media? Is not the place to find even-handed, unbiased coverage on politics. 'm pretty sure no one reading this blog is unaware that I believe that.

See MediaMatters for a good article and some snazzy graphics showing that there's almost no way you can measure broadcast media coverage of the Democrats and the Republicans that doesn't wind up with the Right getting the lion's share of the coverage.

In the good news department, the "national media" seems to slowly but surely be becoming aware that Something Funny's Goin' On.

[Julie] Mason responded: "It's true. I hate to say it. It might be a new low for the news media this late in the game for us to become so distracted with something as trivial as this. And we're not talking about the issues. I wish we were more high-minded."*

I even read that RepublicanRedFOX is starting to choke on the outpouring of lies they've been relentlessly disseminating.

I mean--seriously. How bad has it gotten for us to find FOX not championing the Right mindlessly?


P.S. Why are you sitting there, wishing you were a serious journalist (more "high-minded") instead of a bad Entertainment Tonight imitation\?

I wished I was thinner. I went on a diet. I wished I was a nonsmoker. I'm getting closer every day. I wished I was less of a procrastinator. With practice, I'm getting better at doing things now, instead of "whenever."

Just do it.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:47 PM