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September 15, 2008
You Gotta Wonder

Just precisely what kind of wildly dangerous criminal is locked up in the Galveston County Jail?

Risking the murder of +/-1000 people strikes me as a pretty extreme step to take for 'security' but this is Bush/Cheney's Amerika. If we can slaughter tens of thousands in Iraq, I guess we can whack a thousand or so UsofA citizens here at home.

(Even as I type this, I'm acutely aware of how unjustified this comparison might appear. The Galveston officials didn't take us to war in Iraq, and I have no reason to believe that Bush/Cheney are involved in the incarceration of any of the +/-1000 people in the Galveston jail.

Nevertheless, these strike me as the same kind of inhuman acts. Treating people as things--I read somewhere, and I'd give a lot to remember where, that most of the "evil" in the world starts with treating people as things.

So. My blog--my irrational prejudices. The fact that the jail was not destroyed doesn't lessen the criminality of this act.)

Posted by AnneZook at 04:11 PM