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September 23, 2008
Paranoia Running Deep

Maybe I'm imagining things? But I'm thinking that this is actually a sign that ol' Jeb hasn't entirely given up his dreams of a White House run.

(Seriously. This country has had all the Bush leadership it can really afford.)

Posted by AnneZook at 09:34 AM


I still don't understand why Jeb Bush wasn't the VP pick for the Republicans. Granted the Bush "brand" is weak these days, but Jeb has credentials his little brother can only dream of, and would have been a barnburner campaigner.

Maybe he's waiting out the Bush depression and thinks McCain is going to crash and burn, looking to 2012. But he doesn't seem to have been on anyone's shortlists, and I don't get that.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at September 23, 2008 10:26 AM

Doesn't make sense to me, either. It was always supposed to be Jeb. George came out of nowhere. (Because of Rove.)

I think you're right about the weakness of the Bush brand. He can't win this year, but the American public has a notorously short memory. He may be thinking 2012 is his year.

Posted by: Anne at September 24, 2008 08:37 AM