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October 06, 2008
Compulsive Mapping

On June 11, I started checking CNN's ever-changing Electoral Map.

At that time, with not only the election, but both conventions still on the far horizon, McCain had 125 "safe" electoral votes and 69 "leaning." Obama was 153 and 37, respectively.

Today, the map shows McCain with 125 "safe" votes and 64 "leaning." He's lost a little ground in the "leaning" competition and doesn't seem to have picked up any really strong, "safe" votes.

Obama has 160 "safe" votes and 90 "leaning." He's gained a lot of strength.

(popup graphic.)

Update: In the 24 hours since I posted this, Obama's total jumped to 177 "safe" votes and 87 'leaning." McCain dropped to 125 "safe" and 49 "leaning." (I'd imagine that him bailing on Michigan has a lot to do with that.)*

Shrug. The Republicans have zero chance of winning this one. It's the Democratic Party's race to lose. That's been true since day one. The question is, can Obama win it by a large enough margin?


* I have a lot of polling sites other than CNN bookmarked, but not here at the office.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:07 PM