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October 07, 2008
Stop The Hate

Wandering around the world o'blog, I find one theme repeated many times. Leftish bloggers are staring across the aisle at McCain's campaign tactics--I can't call anything so ineffectual a "strategy"--and muttering, "Have they completely lost their minds?" For example, it's insane enough that the McCain campaign is going to try to turn the dialogue from the economy to personal attacks on Barack Obama; but telling the press that that was their plan? What is wrong with them?

And? For the record? I am willing to believe that neither that Palin nor McCain heard the racist remarks or the death threats at their recent speaking events, should their campaign care to say so.

However. I do hold them 100% responsible for inciting the racism and hatred we've all been reading about.

Republicans should not be ashamed of being Conservatives, but they should be ashamed of being narrow-minded, hatemongering bigots.

And those on the Right who are not narrow-minded, hatemongering bigots?* Should be ashamed of the way their Party panders to and services the intolerances of people who are. And ashamed of themselves for letting it happen.

(I just caught the taile-end of a fascinating NPR segment, comparing Reconstruction in the USofA after the Civil War, with our (few) plans for reconstructing Iraq. I learned much about how long our own Civil War went on--about continued guerilla fighting by white Southerners that kept hostilities, if not the technical "war" going for decades. The story goes far beyond the infamous KKK.)


* I choose to believe there are a significant number of these people. Because the alternative is that about 1/3 of this country consists of people who are narrow-minded, hatemongering bigots. And I just can't accept that.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:02 PM


I'm not surprised at all, though there was a brief moment or two when I -- like so many other deluded souls -- thought McCain might be different. Ha!

I'm quite willing to believe that "about 1/3 of this country consists of people who are narrow-minded, hatemongering bigots." They're not all after-school-special racists: some of them hate Jews but not Blacks; some of them think liberals are limp-wristed traitors; some of them think Mexicans are nice, hardworking people but won't knowingly shake the hand of a homosexual. Most of them believe "it's us or them" but are still trying to find the right "them."

Posted by: Ahistoricality at October 7, 2008 04:26 PM

I had the same McCain Moment myself, but that was before I'd actually bothered to learn anything about him. (I didn't bother during the last campaign - there was no chance he'd win the nomination.)

I don't understand the whole bigotry thing* and it's so deeply intrenched in our culture that I can't begin to imagine when or how we can root it out.


* Okay, I'm bigoted against stupid people. But I own it--I don't pretend otherwise, and I do try to overcome it. Sometimes.

Posted by: Anne at October 8, 2008 08:55 AM