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October 10, 2008
Why Can't People Think?

"I'm mad. I'm really mad. And what's going to surprise you, it's not the economy. It's the socialists taking over our country," another man said.

That's not a rational political position. That's ignorance, inflated with fear. Socialism is just the label he was given by a desperate, and losing, candidate.

#1 - What's happening in this country, and around the world, isn't ideological, except as it's a political response to the failure of "small government conservative" deregulation and the markets' lust for profits. Obama is less of a socialist than I am. (And I am not a socialist, by any means. Current market problems aside, capitalism has worked just fine for me.)

#2 - How does that ignoramus think the problem is going to be fixed, short of another major Depression? I'll tell you--he doesn't know. He hasn't thought about it or, if he has, he doesn't understand what's happening. He wants a slogan - a buzzword for his poster and one key phrase to scream at rallies. He has no interest in any understanding that goes deeper than that.

The Capitalist American Dream has ended, and the more proof these frightened, little people see of that, they louder they scream and the harder they hate. Because it's easier to shout than it is to think. And it's a lot easier to hate than it is to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning up the mess. And creating something better.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:05 PM