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October 15, 2008
Break time!

Looks like those of us making excuses for John McCain and the nastiness of his campaign should rethink our positions. I read this, I rethought--and I agree. McCain owns his campaign. If he's too impotent to control it, he's certainly not suited for the Presidency.

Truth Is Not Subjective. I read this speech, or at least excerpts from it, a few days ago, and it stuck with me. Worth blogging.

Democrats. Are better for the economy. So, Democrats are better for capitalism than Republicans. (Someone remind me again--why do we need Republicans at all?)

Go wash your hands.

I'm sitting here, working hard and keeping my head down. I barely managed to avoid a political conversation with a coworker today. I cannot have an discussion with someone who starts a sentence with, "I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, and he said...."

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