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March 06, 2009
Soothing News

What is it with people? I'm astonished to read about a single person who thinks $176 for a month's worth of food is a shoestring budget. I'm ashamed of CNN for plugging his experience as though he'd really been deprived. I'm annoyed that, if he wanted to play a game, he didn't have CNN give him a $176 gift card, instead of getting Social Services to fork one over. The story even says that "average monthly stipend" for one person is $96. Why didn't this guy try to live on that? While far from impossible, or even difficult, eating for a month on $96 would have been more educational for him and his readers.

Thank goodness I have stories about how the rich are still able to enjoy richness to soothe me. I was afraid that the tears of millions of unemployed people might be disturbing their peace of mind.

And, if nothing else, getting this glimpse into the how it works mechanism of taking a company and making a lot of money by ignoring its business would have brightened my day.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:35 PM


[the middle link is broken]

The food budget story is interesting, and you're right about some of the flaws in it. It would be more interesting if, instead of stopping the experiment after the month, he then kept adding on. The next month, he could actually be required to use food stamps, instead of a middle-class style gift-card; the month after that, he could live on the average benefit, not the maximum; the month after that, he could be required to do his shopping by bus and on foot, instead of by car (and any memberships to bulk clubs, etc., are out).

See how much weight he loses then.....

Posted by: Ahistoricality at March 7, 2009 01:05 PM